NORDAC PRO SK 535E-112-340-A

Part no. 275921100

Availability and est. ship date from:
North Carolina

Product attributes

Technical description FREQUENCY INVERTER SK535E-112-340-A

Efficiency class IE2
Mains supply 3-phase 400/480V
Surface treatment Without
Brake chopper Yes
Status LED Yes
Available diagnostic interfaces RS232 / RS485
System bus Potential separated
Digital inputs 7
Analogue/digital inputs 2
Analogue/digital outputs 1
Relays 2
PTC input via digital input Yes
PTC input No
Communication interface of the rotary encoder HTL, TTL, CANopen

Depth 224 mm
Width 162 mm
Height 357 mm
Max. nominal power 11 kW
Output current (RMS) 24 A
Output current (FLA) 21 A
Min. pulse frequency 3 kHz
Max. pulse frequency 16 kHz
Max. output frequency 400 Hz
Nominal power 11 kW
Nominal power 15 HP
Efficiency > 95%
Overload capacity 150 % for 60s / 200 % for 3,5s

Possible motors 0

Gross Weight 8.75 kg

Certifications cUL, cTick, RoHS, CE labelling, UL certification, EAC labelling
Fulfilled EMC standard EN 61800-3

Current vector control (ISD control) Yes
Speed controller (closed-loop control) Yes
Positioning with POSICON Yes
4 switchable parameter sets Yes
Stator resistance measurement Yes
Brake management Yes
PLC functionality Yes
Lifting gear function Yes
Evacuation run Yes